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Welcome to Unsated Gaming!
The site for everyday gamers who are Never Satisfied with just grinding on solo missions. Gamers that are tired of always playing multiplayer matches only to lose due to some random newbie players. Gamers who are Always Striving to get something more from playing the games we love.

We are a gaming collective founded on the basis of bringing together gamers, like you, and other likeminded individuals for the purpose of gaming and competing with each other.

Our goal is to make your time spent playing video games more enjoyable.

Looking for a more specific group of gamers? Well here's what separates our collective from other groups (clans). We aren't based solely on just one game, console, or team. While we do have "teams" for our own site. They are meant to help group you based on what games you play and which console you are on. We also don't just limit you to just those teams, anyone who is already in their own group is encouraged to bring their own teams into the collective as well. What does this mean? Well, let's say you are currently a leader/member of a small clan of players, but maybe you do not currently have the numbers required to support having a full squad every time you get online. Well, if you bring your clan into the collective will be able to add your clan to the current list of "teams" for that game and recruit players for it using our site. Players with their own registered teams will also be able to lead them as they see fit.

The way we communicate is also different from what most clans do. We use a chatting app called Discord to message each other. Instead of having to log on to our own console and message each person individually you can instead just message people who just play on your game and console quickly and easily. This way everyone in the collective can message each other and get their parties together at any time.

For those gamers who stream on either Twitch or YouTube, we have our chat set up to notify us whenever you start streaming. we also have the site set up so that we can add a link to your specific YouTube Channel in the top menu of the site. For Twitch streamers there's a section at the top of every page that will display your twitch channel and whether or not you're online. (Free Advertising)

If you are interested in joining our collective we only have a few simple requirements. Please note that there may be additional requirements if you decide to join a team on our site that isn't lead by us.

  • You must be at least 16 years of age. (No Squeakers)
  • You must have a microphone.
  • You must be mature and respectful to all members. (In-game playful banter is excused)
  • If any player reports you to a leader for being offensive or any other type of misconduct, then own up to your actions and apologize. (You know, that thing mature people do)
  • Everyone must join our Discord Chat server. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • You must be active on the site/chat, or in game with us at least twice a week. (See Note Below)

NOTE: This site is meant to be for active players only. The rosters of all teams we currently lead (not the ones lead by other clans) are always being updated to make sure everyone in them is actively playing. That means you will always be able to send a friend request to anyone on one of our teams that you are applying for and know that you're not wasting your time adding someone you'll never see online. People you bring in who are part of a team you represent will be exempt from being active twice a week, but will not be listed on any of the Collective's "teams" should they choose to not follow it.

If you feel you can meet these requirements then fill out an application, check out the New Members Area of our forums, join our Discord Server, and you’ll be notified when it has been accepted.

I hope to see you on the battlefield soon!

-Unsated Soul
Owner & Founder
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